Our Approach

  • We work collaboratively with our clients and bring best-in-class tools and methodologies from Silicon Valley, such as Lean Start-Up, Design Thinking, Behavioral Design, Agile, Open Innovation, and Design of Experiments, to design, build and launch client solutions.
  • These can be products, services, or entire business models – either developing solutions or improving existing ones.
  • As a result of this approach, we deliver concrete, meaningful results – often in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years –increasing our client’s project effectiveness and efficiency.

Business Model Design

We map the holistic, integrative business model of the client’s initial idea, taking into account not only product features and customer segments but also revenue and cost drivers, strategic partnerships, and delivery channels.  This collaborative, hypothesis-driven approach helps align the client’s cross-functional team and provides a launchpad for coming up with new ideas to create (or improve) the product or service.

Strategy and Analysis

We conduct early-stage due-diligence – market overview, competitive analysis, market sizing, industry trends – to design the initial mobile payments strategy. This includes business model, strategic positioning, financial projections, technology platforms, and agent/merchant management. We also work on diagnosing and suggesting course corrections for services that have low customer adoption and/or usage, often using transactional database analysis.

User Research

We design, execute and analyze both qualitative research, such as focus groups and quantitative surveys, to accurately profile customer segments and articulate their needs. We often complement these with ethnographic research, meeting customers at work or in their home, to observe how their routine behaviors and context affect your product’s overall positioning.

Product and Service Design

We help design product blueprints, simple prototypes, technology use-case flows, and other aspects such as value propositions and customer and channel segmentation, using concepts from Design Thinking and Lean Start-Up. We help you understand how best to prioritize new and existing products to assemble a winning product portfolio.  Our approach usually involves multi-day product sprints with the client’s cross-functional team to quickly come up with new ideas, build prototypes, and test them with target users

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design

We map out the current and ideal end-to-end “customer journeys” to ensure the end-user needs will be met through all touch-points. For digital products, we design clear, clean user interfaces so customers can easily understand and use your product.

Product and Service Development

A great product design is one thing – turning it into implementation is another thing altogether. We work with your team to bring best-in-practices from agile and stage-gate methodologies to more efficiently and effectively build your product or service.

Pilot Testing Set-Up

We embed a rigorous “design of experiment” infrastructure that identifies success metrics, early adopter segments, sample sizes, and back-end reporting for your pilot test, and then perform statistical analysis to validate specific hypotheses. This also helps optimize the product feature set, thereby greatly increasing the ROI for a full-scale roll-out.

Innovation Engine Set-Up

While separate from the product development process, it’s important to have the right organizational design for innovation to flourish.  We design the overall architecture of your organization’s innovation unit – the functional roles, incentive structure, tools, methodologies, and cultural norms needed to design and develop a suite of innovative products and services in a structured, efficient manner.

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