SS Venkateswaran

Data Analytics – Expert Advisor


Currently, Venkat is the CRO of Jupiter, a digital neobank in India, where his task is to develop and deploy a Risk framework. Venkat has spent 18 years in the financial industry.

Venkat’s career started in American Express. As a Fraud Risk analyst, his first job was to measure ‘out-of-pattern’ behavior in Credit-Card transactions to identify fraud. In the next few years, he worked in Credit Risk and Marketing analytics at Accion International, a leading microfinance network, where developed a Risk framework for Microfinance Institutions globally. As a Risk lead, he also built numerous risk models to enhance underwriting in various Microfinancing markets in Asia and Africa.

He then worked for Lloyds Bank in London and later was part of the creation of TSB Bank, were he worked across all the unsecured products loans, cards and overdraft facilities. He also worked with credit strategies, implementing affordability parameters, and developing provisions and capital models. He then joined Monzo to start the Lending practice, working closely with the design & engineering team to launch an overdraft product for current account customers.

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