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Innovation in Electronic Payment Adoption

World Economic Forum and World Bank

A landscape report discussing 5 key, interconnected innovation ideas to bring electronic payments to small retailers globally. Includes case studies and recommendations for private sector actors and government regulators alike.

User Insights for Interoperable Merchant Payments

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Analysis of market sizing, price sensitivities, and merchant acquisition models based on quantitative and qualitative user research for merchant payment interoperability. Also includes recommendations on achieving stakeholder interoperability based on successful examples of the SMS, ATM, and airline sectors.

Assessment of Bank and Non-Bank Agent Models

Financial Sector Deepening Mozambique

‚ÄčA detailed landscape assessment of bank and non-bank agents in Mozambique, based on primary user interviews, global case studies and trends, current market dynamics, assessment of existing regulations, and interviews with banks and mobile money operators. Concludes with key recommendations for policymakers and industry actors, as well as findings from a design sprint where breakthrough ideas were tested.

Electronic Payment System 101

USAID and FHI 360

A simplified overview of electronic payments, including four-party model, key actors, transaction processing, and transaction economics.

Electronic Payment System 201

USAID and FHI 360

A more advanced discussion of electronic payments, including mobile money systems and interoperability.

FSD Africa and ELAN RDC

Assessing Demand of Goods and Services for Refugees and IDPs

Assessing Demand of Goods and Services
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