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Strategy & design innovation consultancy

We are a US-based strategy and design innovation consultancy that has been driving fintech in emerging markets forward since 2014.

We support our clients across the innovation value-chain, from concept to launch, by developing or improving products, services, experiences, and business models.

We also define requirements for key functional areas, such as marketing, delivery channels, regulation, technology, internal processes, and strategic partnerships, all which underpin winning fintech business models.

Strategy & design innovation consultancy

We unite 6 distinguishing traits to provide a superior service for our client partners.


Fintech Focused

Our consultants have extensive experience advising clients in financial services or working in industry. Knowing the sector's specific dynamics allows us to hit the ground running and makes our recommendations more likely to be implemented.

Strategy and Design

To solve client problems, we fuse the best of both worlds: strategic, data-driven analysis with a creative, design-minded approach to uncover deep-seated user needs.

End-to-End Innovation

We support our clients not only in research and design, but also in building, pilot testing, and rolling-out products, services, and experiences – all using best-in-class tools and methodologies.

Specialists, not Generalists

Our consultants have deep subject-matter expertise in functional areas such as product development, data analysis, marketing communications, and user experience. The result is deeper, more meaningful insights for our clients.

Appropriate Methodologies

Each client, and the problem they are trying to solve, are unique. Rather than imposing a single methodology upon them, we employ a personalized innovation approach tailored to their specific needs.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our bias to urgency means we move fast – measuring progress in hours and days instead of weeks and months. This allows us to address client needs quickly and efficiently.

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Social Media Expert

Lead UX Designer

Payments Research Associate – Global

Strategy Manager, Money Transfer/Credit – Global

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